Element Rigging create an interactive Cocoon for Melbourne’s White Night Reimagined

White Night Reimagined took the best of White Nights past and extended it into a 3-night winter spectacular this year across three of Melbourne’s inner-city parks and gardens from 22-24 August.

Element Rigging’s managing director, Rob Irwin, was approached to part-take in such an amazing and immersive project that involved a large-scale interactive installation that was 15.0m in diameter and 7.0mH supported using F34 Global Truss at Treasury Gardens in ‘The Sensory Realm’.

Amigo & Amigo is a Sydney artists’ studio directed by Simone Chua with a background in sculpture and industrial design. Their body of work showcases their ability to use light and material to transform spaces and engage the general public.

The Cocoon is a portal to help facilitate connection and growth, and a reminder that we are not alone — we are always surrounded by people and possibilities.

This magnificent masterpiece allowed the general public to contribute their heartbeat to the external lights and be adventurous and crawl inside of the Cocoon and be held in its immersive floating embrace. They were allowed to take their time to absorb the living, animated pulses which flowed up and around them.

At Design Quintessence, we pride ourselves on supplying the most extensive range of products and solutions across the industry. Appreciation of our products by the expert eyes of the art community is just another proof for the quality of our solutions.

Element Rigging have recently inherited over 110 metres of F34 Global Truss pieces from an art installation by Julian Opie’s City of Skyscrapers. Opie turned National Gallery of Victoria’s Federation Court into an immersive environment and had installed an entire city of skyscrapers which reached up to 13 metres into the sky. The general public had the opportunity to experience this installation from 9th November 2018 through til 17th February 2019.