Eclipse Team Expands

With the arrival of a new team member, Chloe Neal, at Eclipse Lighting & Sound in Queanbeyan, production manager Robert Howie generously gifted proud parents Chris and Nikole a custom-made Ovation Baby Change Station. ‘Howie’ asked Design Quintessence if we could design something around our flip-up mixer case. Our Melbourne-based designer, Craig Sinclair, used his flip-up mixer case design, and his baby change table experience to do just that. Chris and Nikole were thrilled with the result.

“It is very challenging to find staff in this pandemic world,” Chris reflected. “The best solution is to find and train young staff. I believe you are never too young to join the family business, so we introduced Chloe to her first big gig at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in April. Now she has had a taste of it, I’m sure we’ll have Chloe rolling cables in no time!”

‘Howie’ chimed in, “Even before Her first gig at Tamworth, Chloe had a higher level of competency than some people we are able to get in the current labour market!”

Robust, compact and secure with plenty of storage space, the Ovation Baby Change Station would have to be the most heavy-duty portable baby change facility available. It just goes to show, there’s an Ovation case for every application!

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