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DQ teams up with Global Truss to launch 5 Chord Truss!

After many months of DQ working with Global Truss to develop a new 5 chord truss especially designed for the suspension of LED screens, we are pleased to announce that Global Truss will be launching the new F45 Truss at Pro Light + Sound in Frankfurt, Germany, 10-13 April 2018.


Click HERE to download F45 Truss Information and Technical Specifications

The F35, F45 and F55 Truss are based on the F34 290mm x 290mm, F44P 400mm x 400mm and F54 520mm x 520mm truss design and, as mentioned, is designed for applications such as LED screens where balanced centre rigging of the screen panels on the truss is essential. A central chord with ladder-style horizontal bracing on the bottom face of the truss allows LED  panels to be clamped directly onto the centre chord. This negates the need to balance the load by slinging or bracing across the two bottom chords to provide central rigging points as would normally be necessary on a square format truss.

Patrick Withers from The Music Box is clearly impressed, “On our first test build we found around an 80% saving in labour attaching the first row of a 10m wide screen simply because we could clamp directly onto the centre chord.” Adding, “…and there was no adjustment necessary. It’s a no-brainer!”

When Mish Bosnjak of Nitezone Entertainment Services heard about the development of the F45 Truss, he too was overly excited for its potential use in upcoming future events. “Not only would it be limited to the use for hanging LED screens alone, but also lighting rigs which could be incorporated into any F44P structural application!.”
The ladder-style horizontal braces creates increased clear hanging space along the chord compared to the hanging space on outer chords. Clamping screen panels directly to the centre chord results in a cleaner and sleeker look as well. Because it is based on the F44P Truss design, F45 Truss can connect to all standard F44P junctions or sleeve blocks so you use your existing F44P Truss to build the rest of the structure!
“We can see the F45 Truss being used for general lighting and AV setups as it makes it so easy to balance your load”, Patrick commented. Future development of truss accessories will ensure further expansion of F45’s possible applications.

DQ recently supplied Gold Coast Convention Centre with 30m of F45 5 Chord truss and GCCEC‘s Executive Manager – Technology was thrilled about the benefits of the truss system:

“The F45 streamlined the bump in and bump out process of our LED screens. By providing a 5th central chord, it is easier to centralise the load preventing truss roll and reduce the amount of slings required to balance an LED Screen Truss. Overall, there is less labour required and less potential points of failure in the rig.” exclaims GCCEC‘s Executive Manager – Technology, Ben Morris.

Chord MaterialEN AW 6082 T6EN AW 6082 T6EN AW 6082 T6
End Socket MaterialEN AW 6082 T6EN AW 6082 T6EN AW 6082 T6
Bracing MaterialEN AW 6082 T6EN AW 6082 T6EN AW 6082 T6
Conical Spigot MaterialEN AW 2011EN AW 2011EN AW 2011
Chord Dimension50mmØ x 4mm50mmØ x 4mm50mmØ x 4mm
Bracing Dimension20mmØ x 2mm25mmØ x 3mm30mmØ x 3mm
End Socket Dimension50mmØ50mmØ60mmØ
Connectors Included4 x Conical Spigots, Pins & R-Clips4 x Conical Spigots, Pins & R-Clips4 x Conical Spigots, Pins & R-Clips
Download F35 Spec Sheet Download F45 Spec Sheet Download F55 Spec Sheet
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Global Truss descends into DefQon.1

September 16th, 2017 marked one of most anticipated annual worldwide music festival in Sydney, Australia, that was, DefQon.1

Almost 24,000 partygoers sported their most bizarre outfits for Australia’s wildest hardstyle music festival held at Sydney’s International Regatta Centre for the ‘Victory Forever’ themed event. “Most of RED stage was produced in Holland and designed by Q Dance Holland and Q Dance Australia, the final result was certainly nice!” says Hans Bokkinga. Jake Kooi was responsible for RED Stage, Niels Betting and Frans Jansen were responsible for Magenta Stage and other stages were designed and produced by Tim Bestman.

There were five stages set up around the precinct in total, Blue Stage featuring a raging, Co2 snorting, Bull’s skull (stage design and set up by Stagekingz – featuring F34 Global Truss circles), Magenta Stage (set up by Stagekingz), U.V. (set up by Stageset – featuring F34 Global Truss supplied by Crystal Productions), White (Piranha – set up by Stageset) Stage, and the main attraction, RED stage (set up by Chameleon Touring Systems).

UV Stage – set up by Stageset (truss supplied by Crystal Productions)

White Stage – Piranha themed set up by Stageset

Blue stage – set up by Stagekings Australia (Global Truss radial as support supplied by Norwest Productions)

Magenta stage – set up by Stagekings Australia

“The entire rig consisted a mixture of Global Truss, we used half of an F54 9.0mØ and 15.0mØ circle to support her crown and a mixture of F34 and F44P as surrounding support rig for ”, says Danyon McCue of Chameleon Touring Systems.

In its entirety, the rigging set was a compilation of 676 varied pieces of F34, F44P and F54 Global Truss, 289 Global Truss spacers, 70 Global Truss cubes and just over 3,200 pins & ‘R’ clips!

The other four separate stages each hosted a cluster of worldwide performers ranging from the hardcore techno, hard house and hard trance genres featuring the likes of Noisecontrollers & Bass Moderators, Brennan Heart, Evil Activities, Gammer, Firelite, Frequencerz, Archetypez and more.

DefQon.1 was founded in 2003 and was originally set up in the Netherlands before it was introduced to Sydney in 2009. Next year marks its’ 10th year running.

Credits go out to the 4x Chameleon Touring Systems Crew helped build RED Stage

LX Crew Chief: Danyon McCue
LX Systems: Kareena Daws
LX Systems: Matthew Garrett
LX Systems: Dan Went.
Chameleon Account Manager: Toby Sewell.

LX Design: Frans Jansen
LX Programmer/Operator: Robbert-Jan Vernooij

RED Stage Credit: Jake Kooi
Magenta Stage Credits: Niels Betting & Frans Jansen
Other Stage Credits: Tim Bestman


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Frontier Lighting uses a Compound of Global Truss!

Hosted at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, Frontier Lighting transformed the venue into an industrial party space providing production throughout.

The Compound x Pendulum took to the decks on July 29th with supporting DJ acts such as ShockOne, The Upbeats + ANNIX to make it an unforgettable night of drum & bass music.

Frontier Lighting housed the venue using a compound of F54’s, half an F34 8.0mØ as screen and lighting support above the DJ stage and two-halves of an F34 4.0mØ Global Truss formed the surround of the DJ booth.

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DQ’s Entertainment Rigging Workshop

For the first time ever, Design Quintessence hosted two, one-day introductory Entertainment Rigging Workshops in Sydney and Perth on 18thand 20th of July respectively.

As the leading staging equipment supplier in Australia, Design Quintessence took the initiative to introduce a knowledge sharing workshop to present information and theory whilst giving attendees a voice with opportunities to ask questions and contribute their experience in a market that is currently lacking in industry-specific training.

“The workshops are a result of a push from customers and colleagues to provide a forum for the entertainment rigging industry that can help people improve their knowledge and understanding”, explained Ian Wood, “The idea was to cover topics that were useful to both experienced and inexperienced people alike.”

Four experienced presenters were assembled from Australia and abroad. The workshops were led by Nick Barnfield of ShowQuip in Auckland, New Zealand with support from Marco Stuve of Global Truss Corporation in China, Roderick van Gelder of Stage Safety in Sydney and Tony Peaker of Design Quintessence in Brisbane.

The two workshops were an outstanding success with both selling out well in advance and a total of just over 100 industry delegates across the two cities in attendance. These delegates included a variety of roles and experiences from church volunteers to riggers with extensive experience, from company owners to venue managers. Modules relating to the engineering of truss, practical use of truss, chain hoist lifting, debunking some myths and misconceptions and the Australian Entertainment Safety Resource Guide.

It was DQ’s first attempt at running a workshop and they got off to a great start. DQ would like to extend their gratitude to everyone who attended for their participation and contribution and appreciate all the suggestions and feedback offered for future workshops. “It was a little rough around the edges but there was a lot of valuable information disseminated and plenty of discussion and debate that I think left us all leaving the room knowing a little bit, or even a lot more,” Ian Wood reflected at the end of the two workshops. “If the demand is there we hope to build on this and introduce more workshops around the country on a regular basis.”

DQ has started the conversation; let’s keep it going …

Click here to view Sydney Workshop photos

Click here to view Perth Workshop photos


“The workshop was great. I have been a rigger for 10 years, but learnt a lot and was a great conversation between a room full of riggers. If you run the event again, I will encourage my techs to attend.”
Andrew Symons, Staging Connections WA

“It was the most informative workshop I have ever attended by a mile!”
David Rayner, Perth Audio Visual

“My team and I really enjoyed it. It was informative and helpful.”
Cheonneth Strickland, Sydney Adventist Youth

 “All of it was informative”
John Sharkey, Lux Events

“Didn’t expect the [detail in the] truss manufacturing [presentation] which was very beneficial”
Anthony Littlewood-Johnson, MaxCo Australia

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Entertainment Rigging Workshop



For the first time ever, Design Quintessence is hosting two ONE DAY investigating performance of truss subjected to the rigours of Entertainment Rigging workshops in Sydney and Perth!

Join us, as there is a strictly limited number of seats, for an opportunity to participate in a range of rigging topics:

• The Engineering of Truss  elements, shapes, types, bracing, materials, welding, load paths

• Practical use of Truss – inspection, load types, reading load tables, suspension, truss as towers, effect of wind loads

• Truss lifting – hoists (classification, understanding how they work and their operation, servicing requirements) 

• Australian Entertainment Safety Resource Guide

• Exploring Ideas and Exploding Myths – cantilevered loads, multiple point pick-ups, circles and grids, truss orientations, continuity of bracing 

All input, queries and comments are highly valued and encouraged throughout the workshop.


Nick Barnfield Marco Stuve Roderick van Gelder
Nick Barnfield


Marco Stuve

Global Truss

Roderick van Gelder

Stage Safety


This workshop will be professionally run and lead by Nick Barnfield of ShowQuip Ltd from New Zealand,

with special guest speakers Marco Stuve of Global Truss

and Roderick van Gelder of Stage Safety.

It’s an opportunity to ask questions from a few of the most experienced brains in the industry!

Disclaimer: This is not a certified course.

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Resolution X is Lyft-ing with the professionals

Resolution X, is one of the first companies in Australia that started working with Prolyft Aetos hoist range. They are fully convinced of the technical qualities of the product. However, the outstanding service programme made their choice an easy one.

Resolution X, covering Australia with hire basics in Melbourne and Sydney, strives to provide the best quality rental equipment backed by the best people and service. Based on that goal, they have become one of the largest providers of rental lighting and rigging equipment in Australia. They are leaders in bringing new and innovative equipment to market can cost and can boast on a dedicated team that is enthusiastic about all challenges.

Tim Hall, Managing Director of Resolution X explains: “Resolution X have always prided themselves on implementing industry best practices, especially when it comes to safety. Therefore, adding chain hoists with a good double brake system to our hiring stock was a must. We choose the ProLyft Aetos series hoist because of their build quality, double brake system and local support network. The Aetos hoists stand up to the rigors of life in a busy production company but it was having a local dealer and support team that made the choice easy for us”.

Jason Swavley, Account Manager of Design Quintessence Melbourne and Tony Peaker, Product Manager are glad to support Resolution X as ProLyft Service Point for Australia.”That’s the general idea behind the network of ProLyft Service Points. We not only supply our customers with stock and spare parts, we’re also there to provide technical and maintenance support when needed, we have all the knowledge in-house to do so”.


“We hire to a lot of Corporate AV companies working in ballrooms” adds Sam Holloway, Rigging Manager of Resolution X, “most of the time they’re dealing with a restricted load limit in the roof and don’t need to lift heaps of gear. Therefore we also have 250kg hoists on stock, these are ideal for this type of client. The fool-proof operation, jam-free chain guide and limit switches are a bonus”.

Resolution X stocks a large quantity of the 1000kg Aetos hoists, meeting in German BVG-D8+ hoist classification, these hoists are fully equipped to meet the future demands of the entertainment industry. They also stock the 250kg hoists for rental purposes.

Resolution X are always available for a demo of the ProLyft Aetos hoists.

Source credit: Prolyte News

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Going Global at the Mardi Gras after-party!

As the shiny remains of glitter began to be swept from the streets of Sydney during Mardi Gras, 12,000 punters from all over the globe were joined together at the official after-Party at Moore Park. This was described as the party to end all parties and is one of the biggest LGBTQI celebrations in the world and was the only place to party after The Parade.

Richard Neville of Mandylights designed lighting for this years’ event with Clint Dulieu, Mike MacDonald, Jean-Pierre Jammaers and Francesco Calvi operating.

Chameleon Touring supplying F44P Global Truss to make up 6 automated pods that moved around the space with simple lines of lights and blocks of colour. These pods housed Martin LC Panels that delivered geometric, and big, bold colour looks.

Whilst most dance parties focus on the DJ, with the rig over the stage at the end of the room and all the lights pointing out into the house, Mardi Gras parties are all about lighting the party goers in the room. The focus is on an immersive room design with most of the firepower above the people’s heads.

The amazing line-up of international and home grown music acts included Australian pop icons The Veronicas, Client Liaison, Steve Grand, Sydney’s Nat Conway, Peyton, Luke Anthony, Greg Gould and DJs Sylvin Wood (FR), Joelby (UK), High Low (FR), Anhy (FR) and local favourites Kate Monroe, DJ Tiny, Rob Davis, THE SWEATS, Dan Murphy, Corey Craig, Citizen Jane, Oxford Hustlers, JimJam and DJ Mickey.

Photos credit: Danyon McCue, Kineysis operator extraordinaire.

More photos:


Most LGBTQ are Cyberbullied. Click here to find out ‘How to Stay Safe Online’.