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DQ Christmas eNewsletter

On behalf of the DQ team, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support this year and wish you, your team and your families a very safe and festive period.

This year started with the exciting expansion of our road case and CNC foam insert factory in our Sydney warehouse and during the year, our warehouse facilities continued to grow. We relocated to a much larger space in Malaga, Perth and only just recently, opened our new showroom in Banyo, Brisbane. If you are ever close by, please do drop in and say ‘Hi’ to our friendly team.

It was wonderful seeing so many of you during the year at Entech 2019 where we featured the new addition to our 5 Chord Family, our pre-rig; the only Pre-Rig Truss on the market specifically designed & manufactured to suit Australian truck pack width, the PROTOS load monitoring system and of course, the innovative and eye catching DNA Helix truss.

While we have introduced many new quality rigging solutions throughout the year, it was our Ovation Case range that received an enormous response. Completely customisable, inside and out, built locally with German designed materials and technologies, these premium cases have delivered on (and often exceeded) the expectations of customers.

New in 2020

We are excited to announce that we are expecting a couple of things in 2020. Please keep an eye out for our official announcement.

We’re also happy to announce that we’re expanding our Global Truss staging range with our new range of cost-effective European made staging on the market.

The new GT Stage Decks are an alternative portable stage solution for all applications in outdoor, and of course, indoor use. The decks that have taken the UK market by storm will now make its way to Australia!

Christmas Closure Dates

The DQ office and warehouse will close on Friday 20th December at 5pm.

To ensure your orders are processed before the break, please contact your sales rep or email us by 5pm Tuesday, 17th December. Pick-ups will be available until Friday 20th December, 5pm.

Our offices and warehouses will re-open on Monday, 6th January 2020. Perth will re-open on Monday, 13th January 2020.

The expansion of our warehouses and suite of solutions is simply not possible without the on-going support and loyalty of our customers so once again, thank you for supporting DQ and choosing a local partner.

We look forward to working in partnership in the new year.

Ian Wood and the DQ team

What’s on your 2020 wishlist?

Is there something else that you would like DQ to consider next year? A number of our popular solutions over the years have come from customers coming to us with a problem and we have collaborated and designed a solution to suit their needs.

If there is a product or solution that you wished we offered, simply send us an email or give us a call. At DQ, we are always looking at how we can provide the best range of products and solutions that meet your needs, supported by our local team and their expertise.

Words from our Sales team

As 2019 draws to a close, we at DQ Sydney pause and reflect on another challenging and exciting year that’s been. You could say we have done it all – from a ground support roof structure incorporating our new Five Chord truss, to a noise reducing enclosure, to the monster F104 truss!

We appreciate the opportunities to be involved in with all your projects.

The varied unusual road cases that house anything from multiple kitchen appliances, furniture, exhibition stand to a case that require an army of men to handle, or even providing a simple case solution for table tennis bats & balls  – we love a good challenge or few!

We admire those that travel to see us from as far away as Dubbo, Orange, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong, Canberra, even those over the bridge, crossing the M5 or new M4 tunnel or even over the fence (if you know, you know).

Our friendly distant neighbours up in one of the most northern parts of Australia, Northern Territory, really are the red centre. Servicing one of the most iconic places in the world where Uluru lives, we cannot express enough appreciation for the work you do for the local and indigenous community. They may be the most remote community, and sometimes it may take days for anything to arrive, yet still manage to consider us as their recommended supplier.

Let’s not forget our friends over in South Australia, this year has brought growth in partnerships. Some of these new partnerships have come from referrals from DQ’s already established loyal clients, which we appreciate and admire your continuous support.

We have been able to help and provide solutions for some interesting tenders and unique projects, such as, flown scoreboards, to freestanding lighting ladders.

We appreciate all our relationships, be it new or long-term, that have been established this year and have enjoyed seeing and speaking to everyone of you. Your continuous on-going support, be it an enquiry, a simple coupler or a truck or van load of equipment are always valued and our team members are always happy to help.

We look forward to our continued collaboration and serving our part, to help your business grow and succeed in the new year and help spread happiness for the general public and bringing local communities closer together.

Wishing all of you a happy and safe holidays. We look forward to you challenging us again and pushing us to be a better version of DQ in 2020.

Lusia Ah Kuoi & Alan Cheek

DQ Melbourne team want to extend our appreciation and gratitude to all our Victorian and Tasmanian customers for such a fantastic year.

It is always a great pleasure and memorable experience working with and providing a service to our wonderful customers. The team at DQ Melbourne wish everyone a safe and well-earned break and very much look forward to seeing you again in the New Year.

Mark Pierson & Martin Crowe

Our team up in Queensland, Tony and Wayne, would like to personally thank all of our customers for the year.

DQ has achieved our best year ever in Queensland and we couldn’t have done that without the loyalty and support of our customers. Thanks for working with us this year and we look forward to what the future brings for your business and ours.

Tony Peaker & Wayne Perryman

What a wonderful year it has been… WA has gone through some major changes this year, with our new facility, and adding a new team member, Aaron, to Team DQ WA! We thank you all for your continued support over the last 17 years that the office has been in WA.

Wishing you all and your families a very Merry Xmas and a safe and prosperous 2020!

Gino Lombardi & Aaron Kocis

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Element Rigging create an interactive Cocoon for Melbourne’s White Night Reimagined

White Night Reimagined took the best of White Nights past and extended it into a 3-night winter spectacular this year across three of Melbourne’s inner-city parks and gardens from 22-24 August.

Element Rigging’s managing director, Rob Irwin, was approached to part-take in such an amazing and immersive project that involved a large-scale interactive installation that was 15.0m in diameter and 7.0mH supported using F34 Global Truss at Treasury Gardens in ‘The Sensory Realm’.

Amigo & Amigo is a Sydney artists’ studio directed by Simone Chua with a background in sculpture and industrial design. Their body of work showcases their ability to use light and material to transform spaces and engage the general public.

The Cocoon is a portal to help facilitate connection and growth, and a reminder that we are not alone — we are always surrounded by people and possibilities.

This magnificent masterpiece allowed the general public to contribute their heartbeat to the external lights and be adventurous and crawl inside of the Cocoon and be held in its immersive floating embrace. They were allowed to take their time to absorb the living, animated pulses which flowed up and around them.

At Design Quintessence, we pride ourselves on supplying the most extensive range of products and solutions across the industry. Appreciation of our products by the expert eyes of the art community is just another proof for the quality of our solutions.

Element Rigging have recently inherited over 110 metres of F34 Global Truss pieces from an art installation by Julian Opie’s City of Skyscrapers. Opie turned National Gallery of Victoria’s Federation Court into an immersive environment and had installed an entire city of skyscrapers which reached up to 13 metres into the sky. The general public had the opportunity to experience this installation from 9th November 2018 through til 17th February 2019.

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Luminous Entertainment lights up with Ovation

Luminous Entertainment

Luminous Entertainment are well-known for their creative work, whether it’s lighting and AV for a small private event, large-scale arena production, or anything in-between, they strive to understand peoples’ needs and deliver right solutions to support their projects to give them peace of mind.

“”𝑬𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒚 𝒈𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒕 𝒅𝒆𝒔𝒊𝒈𝒏 𝒃𝒆𝒈𝒊𝒏𝒔 𝒘𝒊𝒕𝒉 𝒂𝒏 𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒏 𝒃𝒆𝒕𝒕𝒆𝒓 𝒔𝒕𝒐𝒓𝒚.””

When one of Luminous’ directors, Joshua Vozzo, approached DQ to find a solution for their recently inherited ETC EOS 4K Lighting Console, they knew the Ovation Case brand was an easy choice. We, Design Quintessence, were on a mission to help them with their project and excited to help the guys at Luminous deliver a practical case for an exceptional team of people.

“It’s as simple as a request and nothing was too much to ask and the overall product was perfect to the millimetre,” exclaims Managing Director Lee Briggs.

Their case brief requirement needed to be able to house their console as well as have an additional rack space for a slide-out shelf to support their keyboard and mouse. Unlike the traditional two-piece mixer cases, the three-piece design allows for the operator to work on the mixer without any extrusions or hardware being in the way. The case was fitted with high-quality Adam Hall hardware all around to make sure maximum protection as well as usability.

We, just like Luminous, understand the needs of our community and know that a well-designed and built road case can help make lives easier for your crew, save you money on transit, give your equipment the professional look they deserve, and make your operations a breeze.

“With the service and reliability we have always received from DQ is evidently emulated in their case building,” says Lee.

We always appreciate those who travel in, near and far, and the guys at Luminous aren’t shy to drop into the office just to say G’day to the team.

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Diversity Rigging doing what Marvel heroes do best

“Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.”

Michael “Nitrox” Petrani and his Diversity Rigging team are no strangers to extreme rigging and now serve a part in making Australian basketball history.

Over a span of 4 days, Marvel Stadium in Melbourne was completely transformed from hosting an AFL match on a Sunday night to a Basketball court for the Australian Boomers V USA Basketball game Thursday night. Marvel Stadium saw over 103,000 basketball fans cheer, scream and enjoy themselves throughout the two nights the games were hosted — which happened to be the biggest crowds ever for basketball games in Australia!

With 3 months of design & work with the engineer to prepare a show based on production values requested, and then, finally get signed off by the engineer, crammed into 4 days, Nitrox and his team of 26, along with over 320 contractors, worked effortlessly 24/7 to help with executing a staggering 102,143kg of weight rigged from the roof which comprised of a mix of F45 5 Chord and F34P Box Global Truss to set up the main LED scoreboard and audio cable management.

Marvel Stadium was crowned Global Venue of the Year at the 2019 International Stadium Business Awards in Manchester, UK.

Diversity Rigging also have one of the biggest inventory of F45 5 Chord and F34P Box Global Truss available in Victoria.

Not all heroes wear capes, most are riggers.

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Fatline Productions are lifting with VMB

Fatline Productions are ready to party it up in the country town of Tamworth having recently invested in a pair of VMB Lifts Line Arrays to accommodate their newly acquired Nexo line array system.

“When safety is of paramount when it comes to flying speakers, we decided to go with a reputable brand, VMB Lifts, due to the quality of the build and their safety features. We knew we wanted a trustworthy and well constructed solution to help complete our set up.” exclaims Managing Director and Audio extraordinaire John Begovic.

The VMB TLA-220 incorporates the patented security system ALS (Automatic Lock Security). The VMB red trigger system automatically locks the tower in the position it is left in. Each section of the lifter is fitted with the ALS in the unlikely event of the cable breaking. For added ease of mind and security, the Line Array Lifters incorporate the ILS System (Inertial Lock Security) as well as the special SRS Retentor system, patented by VMB, which guarantees that the towerlift will raise the aluminium sections orderly and automatically.

DQ are proud suppliers of world-leading brands in Australia and providing extensive support to our clients is nothing out of the ordinary. John demonstrated his appreciation quoting that “the back up service from DQ is impeccable and made it an easy decision purchasing the VMB Line Array Lifters” and cheerfully stated that he would “recommend DQ to any production company!”.

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RISE Pacific rose to the challenge to install Global Truss grid at NEP Studios

The Australian Home Shopping Network recently moved into Studio 1 at NEP Studios in Everleigh to set up its broadcast operations ahead of an August launch on free to air television.

RISE Pacific were approached to suspend a grid at NEP Studios for Fusion Entertainment Australia, which required interpreting the production requirements to the consulting engineers to achieve the best outcome for the client.

When they inspected the venue experiencing uneven venue space between the floor and the roof’s steel work, having resources available from DQ’s website meant that using detailed Global Truss engineering documents, RISE was able to assist their consulting structural engineers to certify the grid installation which had a total load of 6.0 tonnes.

“With the level of support DQ provides around the clock in assisting us with the detailed information we required, we were able to provide our client’s with the peace of mind that we could combine a lot of high quality individual components to ensure the entire grid system was installed to the highest industry standard”, says RISE Pacific’s managing director, Clancy Simpson.

Combining their industry experience along with their rope access skill-set, RISE rose to the challenge to install temporary personnel high lines and access roof areas which were otherwise inaccessible via scissor lifts to ensure that the truss grid was evenly levelled throughout the venue.

Photo credit: Clancy Simpson
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Pollard Productions’ 2019 SalesForce World Tour of over 2.5km Global Truss!

Earlier this year, 2019’s SalesForce World Tour recently saw Pollard Productions using just over 2.5km of Global Truss and 400 hoists across both levels of the 7 Exhibition Halls in addition to Sydney’s International Convention and Exhibition Centre’s existing Global Truss to create a Campground for more than 200 customers and partners whom shared their stories, insights and expertise. The Campground was packed with partners, demos, NFPs and even a spot of mini golf; and four floors of the ICC hosted discussions, panels, breakouts, meetings and workshops.

Pollard Productions were one of the first customers Australia-wide to stock F52 Folding Truss in their inventory and about 186m of that was used to rig the main projection screen in Halls 1 – 4. Their F34 Square Truss, F43P Tri Truss and F44P Square Truss were also used in these halls for lighting and projector trussing.

Alongside being the first customers Australia-wide to stock F52 Folding Truss, they were also one of the first to snatch up in shipment of our recently developed F45 5 Chord Truss worldwide. On this occasion they had it coloured black to keep it hidden from the human eye but still be able to seamlessly hang TDC’s LED screens back to back. In addition to the thousand lengths of truss, Pollard utilised F102 Folding Truss to create an 80m drape run to complete the Campgrounds.

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Fusion Entertainment Australia rise to install Global Truss grid at NEP Studios

The Australian Home Shopping Network recently moved into Studio 1 at NEP Studios in Everleigh to set up its broadcast operations ahead of an August launch on free to air television.

Fusion Entertainment Australia were engaged to deliver and install a truss grid and power distribution for the studio lighting.

”With a tight turnaround for the project we were happy that DQ were able to deliver with existing stock in the country.” exclaims Fusion’s managing director, Paul Walton.

The entire grid comprised of 338 metres of F33 Tri Global Truss for the lighting rig and 28 metres of F34 Square truss to cater for cable distribution.

The truss was dead hung with custom length steel wire rope droppers that attached to the Global Truss suspension brackets across 79 x rigging points which made the rigging and levelling of the truss much easier for RISE Pacific whom Fusion engaged for the rigging installation.

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Custom Built Anti-Vibration Rack Mount Case with Slide-away doors

Equipment racks are a fix player in any gig or production these days. The standard sizes and modular equipment make it very easy to arrange everything in a compact way and have them pre-wired and ready to go for the show. Thinking about standard rackmount cases, what comes to mind is a box with rack-mount strips connected to its sides.

For us, however, road cases are more than basic boxes. Protecting equipment is only the bottom line of any road case, and a lot of companies already struggle to provide this basic functionality in their cases. A well-designed road case can make life easier for your crew, save you money on transit, give your equipment the professional look they deserve, and make your operations a breeze.

At DQ, we have set our mission to be the best in the industry and provide the professionals with the best solutions available in Australia. Our new range of Anti-Vibration Rackmount Cases with Slide-Away Doors are the latest graduate of our R&D Department, aiming at responding to one of the longest awaiting demands of the professionals in the industry. The cases will be manufactured in-house at our Sydney base. They carry all the features and qualities of Ovation, the brand for quality custom cases. Below is a list of some of these features that come as standard with any Ovation case:

  • Modular Rackmount Frame: The heart of any rackmount case is the frame around your equipment. The frame holds your equipment in place and protects them from being damaged. A good quality frame is strong and light-weight at the same time. It has precise spacing for cage-nut holes and standard imperial width and depth. And our high-quality rackmount frames tick all those boxes.
  • Slide Away Doors: Unlike most road-cases that are being used only during transit of equipment, rackmount cases are there while the equipment are being used. Any clutter, wasted space, lose parts and detachable lids can affect your performance. With slide-away doors, there are no detachable lids or lose parts on your cases. You just need to unlatch the doors and slide them in to access the back and front of your equipment. The strong paddle latches and aluminium trimming on the doors ensure secure protection of your equipment during transit as well.
  • Anti-Vibration Suspension System: Traditional anti-shock rackmount cases use foam blocks between two bodies to absorb shocks. While this might be a good primary solution, the double-layered case is always heavy and the construction does not protect the equipment against vibrations. Ovation Anti-Vibration Rackmount Cases use a multi-directional suspension system with durable specially-made rubber mounts to protect the loaded racks from all sorts of directional forces and vibrations.
  • Scandinavian Birch Ply: Ovation Cases are constructed from Adam Hall’s Scandinavian Birch ply, which is one of the highest quality road case material in the world. It has a textured surface with a protective coating for added material stability and resistance to moisture.
  • Heavy Duty Hardware and Extrusions: Our Ovation Cases case frames are designed and built around a globally recognised, trusted and well-reputable brand, Adam Hall. As a pioneer of flight case components and over 40 years of experience and manufacturers of high-quality, robust case fittings, Adam Hall has developed into a global distributor with comprehensive solutions for the entertainment technology industry and all our hardware and materials are imported directly from Europe.
  • Detailed Modular Design: A crucial part of any successful product development is design. With an in-house team of designers and engineers, our design team is your design team. Our in-house team of designers come from a range of backgrounds including mechanical engineering, industrial and architectural design. We can provide drawings to help you get that project over the line whether it be selling a concept to your customer, providing a reference in a structural engineering report or seeking council approval on the design. A strong design ethic requires an internationally renowned 3D CAD software and we have that in SolidWorks. This software allows our designers to create solutions that simply work.
  • Precision Manufacturing: Truth is, everybody who has a saw, a rivet gun and a bit of experience can make a road case. Ovation cases, however, are built with precision machines. All the hardware placements, extrusion lengths and even rivet holes are done using advances computer-controlled machinery in house. All our cases go through quality control to make sure everything is spot on so you can shine on the stage.
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From mass production to mass customisation: The case of a case factory

National Manufacturing Week is Australia’s largest gathering of manufacturing decision-makers under one roof. It is the one place for the manufacturing community to come together to be inspired, innovate and connect with one another.
Design Quintessence‘s very own R&D/Design and Manufacturing manager, Dr. Morteza Pourmohamadi, delivered a talk last Thursday in Melbourne at National Manufacturing Week‘s Connected Manufacturing Theatre covering the topic ‘From mass production to mass customisation: The Case of a Case Factory.’

Mass customisation is a post-modernism business strategy that promises delivery of customised products with near mass production efficiency. Many big companies have adopted this strategy as a response to the market demand for personalised goods and services. It has transformed different aspects of businesses such as customer data management, logistics and marketing in recent years. However, with the advances of manufacturing technologies, the agenda is being pushed to the production and design of products in an individual scale. In this new era, “market of one” replaces the “one fits all” notion. Dr Pourmohamadi will discuss the implications of this change for industries and present the example of an Australian road case factory transforming its business model to accomodate this change.

Dr Morteza Pourmohamadi
R&D Project Manager, Design Quintessence

Dr Morteza Pourmohamadi received his PhD degree in Design Computing and Cognition from The University of Sydney in 2013 with a thesis titled “Designerly Ways of Customising”. His research interests are design thinking, creativity and innovation, and the applications of computers in generative and parametric design. Morteza is an active industrial design practitioner and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience, taking on different design projects. Morteza is an Assistant Professor of Industrial Design, teaching different design courses in degrees and establishing multiple postgraduate design degrees in Iran. He is currently working as R&D Project Manager at Design Quintessence Pty Ltd in Sydney.