Generic Lighting & Equipment CasesGeneric Lighting & Equipment Cases

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  • 6 Unit 4way Nitec Blinders in Custom Case

  • 6 x Chauvet Intimidator 450 IRC with compartment into C001-1

  • 3 Unit Light Emotion LEDBAR1812 Case with Cable Storage, fitted into ES RC-KB001-1 Case

  • 4 Unit EX36 Case

  • 4 Unit MIG AS-400W MT Flood Light Case

  • 4 Unit Nitec Pharos LEDNIT130 Followspot Case

  • 6 Unit FusionPar Q XII Road Case; with couplers on fixtures- Black Case: C001-1 Insert: EVA717 Please note – Fusion Par QII and Fusion Par HII are exactly the same as they share the same light housing.

  • 6 Unit Nitec Photon 80 Light Case fitted into ES RC-T003

  • 8 Unit E-Sunstrip LED Bar Lights fitted into C010-1 Case

  • 8 Unit Elation Sixbar 1000 LED Bar Light Case

  • 8 Unit Fusionbar QXV into C012-1 Case: C012-1 Insert: EVA774

  • 8 Unit ProShop Blinder X Bar Road Case Case: RC-C001-1 Insert: GI-BLDBAR6

Showing 1–12 of 32 results