F52 Truss is a triangular truss that offers a large spanning load capacity with the added benefit of fold-flat storage to provide desirable space optimisation. Often hung on purpose-built stacking frames, F52 Truss ensures many metres of the truss can be stored or transported in a comparatively small volume of space.

With a spanning capacity of up to 24m, F52 Truss can considerably reduce the number of pick-up points or a number of chain hoists required to lift the truss to trim height.

The dimensions of the F52 Truss fixed in an open position is 570mmW x 530mmH, whilst the folded dimensions are only 147mmW x 580mmH OD. Folding Truss is held in the open triangular position via folding horizontal braces and is suitable for vertical loads only as these have extremely limited lateral force load-bearing capacity.

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