Another member of the 5-chord truss family is Pre-Rig Truss. The 595mmW x 355mmH truss comes with a dolly and is ideal for touring and large venues, where it offers savings in the all-important fields of space and time.

Attaching lights to a centre chord allows light fittings to be pre-rigged, cabled and assigned in the factory before loading into a truck. This process will always be faster in a production factory than on-site.

Truck packing and unpacking time is reduced substantially. So, too, is site load-in and load-out time i.  Truck space requirements are minimised, resulting in decreased fuel costs. (Of course, Global’s Pre-Rig Truss has been expressly designed with dimensions to suit Australian truck pack widths.)

The final advantage of using this Pre-Rig Truss as a touring solution is that it negates the need for road case storage space otherwise required for the show’s duration.

Pre-Rig Truss usage is not limited to touring production companies. It also offers a practical solution for venues and stadiums, particularly for fast and safe deployment from dedicated storage spaces.

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