Anti-Vibration Rackmount Cases with Slide-Away Doors


Brief: Equipment racks are a fix player in any gig or production these days. The standard sizes and modular equipment make it very easy to arrange everything in a compact way and have them pre-wired and ready to go for the show. Thinking about standard rackmount cases, what comes to mind is a box with rack-mount strips connected to its sides.

Solution: Our new range of Anti-Vibration Rackmount Cases with Slide-Away Doors are the latest graduate of our R&D Department, aiming at responding to one of the longest awaiting demands of the professionals in the industry. The cases will be manufactured in-house at our Sydney base. They carry all the features and qualities of Ovation, the brand for quality custom cases.

Below is a list of some of these features that come as standard with any Ovation case:

  • Modular Rackmount Frame: The heart of any rackmount case is the frame around your equipment. The frame holds your equipment in place and protects them from being damaged. A good quality frame is strong and light-weight at the same time. It has precise spacing for cage-nut holes and standard imperial width and depth. And our high-quality rackmount frames tick all those boxes.
  • Slide Away Doors: Unlike most road-cases that are being used only during transit of equipment, rackmount cases are there while the equipment are being used. Any clutter, wasted space, lose parts and detachable lids can affect your performance. With slide-away doors, there are no detachable lids or lose parts on your cases. You just need to unlatch the doors and slide them in to access the back and front of your equipment. The strong paddle latches and aluminium trimming on the doors ensure secure protection of your equipment during transit as well.
  • Anti-Vibration Suspension System: Traditional anti-shock rackmount cases use foam blocks between two bodies to absorb shocks. While this might be a good primary solution, the double-layered case is always heavy and the construction does not protect the equipment against vibrations. Ovation Anti-Vibration Rackmount Cases use a multi-directional suspension system with durable specially-made rubber mounts to protect the loaded racks from all sorts of directional forces and vibrations.
  • Scandinavian Birch Ply: Ovation Cases are constructed from Adam Hall’s Scandinavian Birch ply, which is one of the highest quality road case material in the world. It has a textured surface with a protective coating for added material stability and resistance to moisture.
  • Heavy Duty Hardware and Extrusions: Our Ovation Cases case frames are designed and built around a globally recognised, trusted and well-reputable brand, Adam Hall. As a pioneer of flight case components and over 40 years of experience and manufacturers of high-quality, robust case fittings, Adam Hall has developed into a global distributor with comprehensive solutions for the entertainment technology industry and all our hardware and materials are imported directly from Europe.
  • Detailed Modular Design: A crucial part of any successful product development is design. With an in-house team of designers and engineers, our design team is your design team. Our in-house team of designers come from a range of backgrounds including mechanical engineering, industrial and architectural design. We can provide drawings to help you get that project over the line whether it be selling a concept to your customer, providing a reference in a structural engineering report or seeking council approval on the design. A strong design ethic requires an internationally renowned 3D CAD software and we have that in SolidWorks. This software allows our designers to create solutions that simply work.
  • Precision Manufacturing: Truth is, everybody who has a saw, a rivet gun and a bit of experience can make a road case. Ovation cases, however, are built with precision machines. All the hardware placements, extrusion lengths and even rivet holes are done using advances computer-controlled machinery in house. All our cases go through quality control to make sure everything is spot on so you can shine on the stage.


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