Complete Portable StageDex Ramp 900mmH Stage

Designed to further expand the possibilities of the StageDex range, the multipurpose StageDex Ramp offers a perfect solution for rolling equipment on and off stage, wheelchair access, or more creative applications such as car shows, walkways and fashion catwalks.

The StageDex Ramp comprises three basic elements:
? Standard StageDex staging
? Adjustable legs fitted with stabilizers (PL SM-RP-L-ADJ-...)
? Aluminium side profiles (PL SM-RP-BE2)

The specially designed side profiles have been engineered to absorb the forces from heavy loads, such as cars, meaning the StageDex Ramp can withstand up to 750 kg/m Ð the same allowable loading as standard StageDex staging.

The Ramp has a standard sloping angle of 7.5 degrees, but is adjustable between 0 and 22 degrees using a plate connected to the legs. This system ensures the resulting forces from loading are transferred at the correct angle into the leg. Notches on top of the profiles keep the staging in place once the ramp is built. A standard coupling profile allows the sloping section to be connected to staging at either end.
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StageDex Information Booklet application/pdf 2 MB