Ovation Star Liftket Chain Hoist Road Cases

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Liftket Stageket 1.0T Chain Hoist Road Case Features
• 9mm Plywood which is made up of Scandinavian Birch layers glued together with DIN-certified (DIN EN 204) D4 graded glue for maximum stability and resistance to moisture exposure. The ply is also protected by ABS coating on both sides with one side being textured for a more professional unique look and feel
• Designed to house Liftket Stageket 1.0T Chain Hoist with built-in chain motor cradle with void area underneath
• 4 x Large Recessed Sprung Handles with internal bracket rings for stronger case handling
• 2 x Large Cranked Lid Hinge with 90° click-stop mechanism and rivet protection
• 2 x Galvanised steel ventilation dishes for internal air flow to prevent moisture build up inside the case
• 2 x Large Cranked Butterfly Latches with Rivet Protection and a patented ‘push-down’ mechanism that lifts the hook out of the catch plate on opening and leads it back into the dish upon closure
• Case built with heavy duty Adam Hall hardware including Cranked 3 Legged Heavy Duty Ballcorners with 9 holes for extra case strength
• 178x127mm Tour Label Dish
• Designed to suit Australian truck pack width dimensions
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Liftket Stageket 1.0T Chain Hoist Ovation Road Case information sheet application/pdf 2 MB