Prolyft Aetos 250Kg Chain Hoist Body; 4m/min, Low Voltage Control; Harting Plug

Product Code: PL PAE-250LV-0001H

The Aetos range is fully equipped to meet future demands in lifting equipment and offers clever features and carefully engineered product attributes. It comprises standard 250kg, 500kg and 1000kg hoists and controls.

Extended life, reduced maintenance
ProLyft Aetos electrical chain hoists have been carefully engineered for the entertainment industry; specifically designed to endure daily use, extending the typical life expectancy of the hoist and chain.

Optimised Chain Feeding:
• Specifically designed disentangle plate for optimal and jam-free chain feeding
• 90% reduction of locking chains
• Jam-free steel chain guide
• Disentangle plate insert softer than the chain
• Chain bag bracket with integrated dead end of chain attachment

Standard Features of the Aetos Range:
• Available in a 250kg, 500kg and a 1000kg hoist body
• Fixed speed of 4m/min
• Low Voltage Control
• 6 Pin Wieland Connector for power and control
• Equipped with limit switches on all hoists, both direct control and low voltage control
• End limit switches are activated by chain stop for 100% repeatable accuracy and easy of use
• External limit switches can be used for hoists used above a grid or false ceiling
• Multiple voltage motor, suitable for worldwide use
• Chain bags for 30mtr up to 80mtr available
• 5-pocket load wheel
• Zinc-plated load chain
• 100% sealed aluminium transmission house without oil plugs
• Standard swivel hook on hoist body and hoist chain
• IP 55 protection

Limit switches on all hoists:
• Low Voltage control is equipped with limit switches as standard
• The limit switches are activated by a foam chain stop
• Prevents hoists from being overloaded when running against the stop
• Adding or positioning a foam chain stop to set a limit takes less than a minute

The Unique ProLyft Lifetime Warranty Program
ProLyft sustains a unique service program on its complete hoist range, developed to offer maximum service and support for all hoist owners. This program encompasses:
• Installed network of trained and certified Service Points
• Lifetime warranty
• Individual identification – RFID tag on every hoist for easy, web-enabled, track and trace functions
• ProLyft Service database – automatic reminders for re-certification
• Test certificates worldwide online available for owners of every hoist

Easily Adaptable
• Covers 180 degree rotatable for motor-up use
• Easy mounting of optional second brake
• Brake shaft and electronics prepared for second brake
• Output shaft prepared for rotary limit switch or encoder connection
• All hoists can be double reeved
• Swivelling chain bag bracket for motor-down and motor-up use
• Multiple voltage motor

Easy to Service
• Easy replaceable disentangle plate insert
• Easy access to chain guide and load wheel
• Easy mounting of optional second brake
• Easy replacement of electronic circuit board
• Covers equipped with safety steel and captive bolts
• All electronic components integrated on 1 circuit board
• Adjustable clutch

Prepared for D8+, Category A and BGV-C1 use
• The clutch overload protection device is mounted outside the drive train
• Easy mounting of the second brake
• Proper load capacity marking supplied with second brake
• Limit switches available in direct control and low voltage control versions
• Prepared for double end limit switches
• Output shaft for rotary limit switch or encoder connection

• Damage reducing housing design
• Hand grips integrated in covers
• Replaceable smooth bumpers on covers
• Through and through coloured plastic covers

Available accessories
• Single or Dual Chain Hoists Encore cases
• Rain covers
• Lugs
• Double reeved hooks