Protos Wireless Load cell Repeater Module (800m Range)

Having a clear line of sight between all your PROTOS Wireless Load Cell shackles and your base station is wishful thinking. The lay-out of truss structures, scenery, LED screens and the operator position are not dictated by the system but a result of a creative process. Repeating the signals at grid level allows more flexibility in the choice of the operator positions The Protos Active Repeater can be positioned anywhere in the area where your transmitters are. You do not need to configure any settings. It simply repeats all the signals received from the transmitters within range.

The PL PLCS-WL-RM-800M is an active repeater which will allow the Protos range of transmitter modules to span around obstacles or increase range or coverage. The module provides a battery holder for a pair of alkaline ‘D’ cells and has the possibility to connect an external power supply. The batteries can also be used to provide power in case of external supply failure. The case is environmentally sealed to IP67. The repeater will allow messages to be repeated once which could double the radio range under ideal conditions. Adding more repeaters will not increase range but can increase coverage. The Active Repeater module is mounted in large weatherproof enclosure with battery holder for two D cell alkaline batteries. It also has the ability to be powered from an external supply voltage.

The entertainment industry is developing at a fast rate in order to keep up with the latest developments. As the hunger for state of the art shows keeps growing, concerts, plays and shows are constantly evolving as each itteration has to be more specatular than the last. As a result rigging has taken a prominent role in almost every show.

Rigging plots have become more complex due to performers, props, construction and the like being utilised as premium parts of the show. In this landscape, being able to measure the load that you’re lifting is essential for safe working conditions, to protect people and priceless equipment.

For this, we have developed a comprehensive range of force monitoring equipment for the entertainment industry. A complete line of wireless and wired daisy chain loadcell shackles ranging from 3.25 to 4.75 Tonnes is available for in and outdoor use thanks to the use of IP67 rated enclosures.

The shackles are equipped with a unique centralising bobbin for precise measuring of the load. The daisy chain loadcells can be run with up to a 1000 meters of wire and can be used in groups of up to 32 units. The wireless loadcell receivers have a range of up to 800 meters, this can be further extended by 800 meters when using the PROTOS active repeater. Using the repeater also makes it possible to circumvent signal blocking obstacles.

The force monitoring software can be installed on a computer or tablet with Windows OS installed. Personalised settings, configuration and layout of the soft- and hardware can be easily achieved with their quick start guide.

Also available is the wireless handheld receiver for quick reverence of individual loadcells. The handheld will wake the loadcells up when in range. Other devices PROTOS offers are an integratable wireless wind speed meter, power pack, a solar panel to charge it that can be of great value when having long term setup and many more products.

For users with more specific needs, we have a GPRS transmitter unit available, which is able to send an email or SMS to any phone in the world as soon as a user determined limit, such as for example high wind speeds or loading limits, has been reached. Sudden changes in weather conditions can be very problematic, but with this unit, surprises like an overload when there is no rigger present on site can be mitigated.

To improve safety, with a focus on the flexibility and ease of use that this industry needs. Making an intuitive and affordable solution to measuring the forces on the loads you’re lifting, or the structures you’re building!


Power Supply Low Power Mode5 to 20 μA
Normal Mode55 to 60 Ma
Reverse Polarity Protection-32 Vdc
Battery Supply Voltage2,1 to 3,6 Vdc
Power Supply Voltage5 to 18 Vdc
Power Supply Ripple50 mV ac pk-pk
Battery life using Duracell LR20 ‘D’ cells with the module permanently activated is typically around 228 hours or 10
days, however, usually using batteries this module wil be utilizing SleepDelay to return to sleep. Therefore the actual
daily usage would allow for far greater than the stated battery life. For example: If the PLCS-WL-RM-800M was used
for 1 hour per day then the battery life would be 6840 hours, or nearly 10 months.
IP ratingIP67
Operating temperature range excluding batteries-20 to 55 ℃
Storage temperature excluding batteries-40 to 85 ℃
Humidity0 to 95 %RH
Title Type Size
PROTOS Force Measure System application/pdf 1 MB