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Bankstown Sports Club use F33 Truss in the Grand Ballroom

Design Quintessence recently supplied special truss grids for the luxurious Grand Ballroom at Bankstown Sports Club, one of the leading event centres in Sydney’s south-west. The bold geometric lines of the ceiling see diamond shapes suspended above the grand ballroom floor. It was important to Paynter Dixon that the ceiling lines were maintained so any lighting would be required to be out of view when not in use. Haron Robson designed the light fittings to be supported by motorised truss structures that would be lowered for functions then return to the ceiling space when not necessary.

Mal Barnes from lighting and audio-visual consultants, Haron Robson, spoke to Ian Wood at Design Quintessence about custom-made truss. “Mal explained the limited space available and the critical need for the truss to fit within the diamond-shaped voids in the ceiling space,” Ian explained. “We suggested F33 Truss as it could fit within the fairly narrow voids yet would have the structural capacity to support the designated light fittings. We’re used to creating and working with all sorts of custom designs with very low tolerances so it was a fairly straight forward job for manufacturing once we completed the fabrication drawings. Harris Movement Engineering did a great job with the installation of the fully motorised system. The builders were surprised just how accurate the truss diamond shapes were and the club was very pleased with the end result.”