In the realm of corporate events, akin to exhibitions, lies a splendid opportunity for professional networking and relationship building with potential partners, clients, investors, and industry peers. These events erve as invaluable platforms to connect with like-minded individuals, fostering idea exchange and exploring promising business collaborations.

As a seasoned player with over two decades of industry expertise, Design Quintessence stands ready to furnish an array of solutions, transforming your creative ideas into vibrant realities for your corporate gatherings.

  • Modular truss: Our Global Truss range boasts a versatile selection of sizes, offering flexibility and complete customizability to align precisely with your specific needs. Unlock the potential for captivating designs and layouts that set your event apart.
  • Staging: Elevate the visual appeal and engagement factor of your corporate displays by utilising our GT StageDecks. Cost-effective, lightweight and portable, these stages cater to both indoor and temporary outdoor applications, allowing your event to shine with seamless elegance.
  • Backdrop: A well-crafted stage backdrop imparts a professional touch to any corporate event. Besides elevating aesthetics, it serves to cleverly conceal venue areas and function as partitions, delineating distinct venue spaces with grace.
  • Portable motorised screen cases: Embrace convenience and efficiency with our range of motorised screen cases with electric lifts. Streamline setup with ease as you effortlessly position the case, remove the lid(s), and power up. At the press of a button, witness the screen gracefully ascend to your desired height of up to 1500mmH. By harnessing these remarkable features, you can optimise labour and time costs, ensuring a successful event delivery.
  • Protective road cases: The Encore Cases range serves as the perfect off-the-shelf solution for safeguarding your valuable equipment during transportation and storage for exhibitions. Shield your prized possessions with utmost reliability, knowing that their protection is in trusted hands.

With Design Quintessence by your side, you can be assured of a corporate event that captures attention, fosters connections, and delivers a seamless experience for all attendees. let our professional expertise and innovative solutions elevate your corporate gatherings to new heights.


Leading technology, software and on-site measurement to ensure the perfect fit and maximum protection and minimise your downtime.


In-house CAD/CAM

We use SolidWorks and CAMWorks, industry’s best software in-house. Preparing complete 3D models leaves no unknown aspects before the case is ready to be manufactured. Ply and foam pieces are precision machined for every custom case using CNC router based on the finalised design.

Creative Solutions

Having high-quality equipment and structures shouldn’t compromise the aesthetics and the possibilities you can do with it. Our creative team can customise and tailor our products to you, or even conceptualise your ideas into a reality.

On-site Measuring

Our team of designers are happy to visit you on sit to measure your equipment so you don’t need to move the equipment without protection. A non-disclosure agreement can be signed to keep any sensitive information secure in case the measured equipment is in development stages.


Promote your brand whether you’re on the move, seeing customers or displaying equipment. 


Using our precision CAD/CAM facilities, we are able to brand your cases with your company logo. In addition to branding, engraving can be used for marking the contents of a case.

Custom Solutions

Collaborate with our creative designers to customise your next road case or truss structure. You could make a bold statement when presenting your equipment in colour, style and look with various options available to you.


Our bespoke customised road case labels branded with your logo and contact details are ideal for logistical information to help enhance your brand presence and manage your equipment better in full digital colour or black and white.


Built with the highest grade quality materials, our quality is guaranteed.



Safety is an everyday focus for Design Quintessence and we make sure that all our structural products are independently certified. We engage structural engineering consultants regularly for various projects across the country. We have taken initiatives such as our rigging workshops to open up the conversations in the staging industry and support other initiatives where we can. Our pursuit of safe products and their safe use is unfaltering.

High-quality materials

Produced with premium aluminium and created to have the highest possible quality, Global Truss products are reliable and provides the rigging backbone of the projection surfaces and screens, projection equipment and sound gear for many installations. Ensuring your safety, it is tested by TÜV Nord to certify its state and quality.