Extend Your Limits

In construction and assembly, adjustable truss extenders can be used as components to create a gap or distance between two objects or surfaces. Specifically designed for aluminium truss systems, these extenders can also attach F34 or F44P aluminium truss systems to the wall, providing a means to mount truss in tight spaces.

Manufactured from durable 6mm steel plates, these adjustable truss extenders offer a solid and stable connection between your choice of F34 or F44P aluminium truss systems and the mounting surface.

They also function as structural leg elevation for uneven grounds.

To ensure secure attachment, these adjustable truss extenders feature multiple bolt holes. They are essential in situations where space is limited for wall-mounting in aluminium truss systems. Specifically engineered to enable the attachment of F34 or F44P aluminium truss systems to the wall, these extenders facilitate as a bridge between the truss.

Adjustable truss extenders create a gap between the truss system and the mounting surface, allowing for the secure installation of the truss while also providing additional clearance for cables and other equipment.

Overall, adjustable truss extenders are a vital component of truss systems, allowing for the safe and efficient installation of lighting and audiovisual equipment in various settings.