Fusing Lighting Truss with Science and Technology

Truss is commonplace in the event industry, but it sometimes takes a creative mind to uncover applications in other industry sectors such as scientific research. Thereupon, we enjoyed reading about the PhenoMobile® Lite developed at the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility in Canberra.

This rugged buggy uses state-of-the-art technology to screen field crops of varying heights and row widths for traits including crop height, fractional overage and biomass index without causing any plant damage.

The challenge was finding components that could provide height and distance adjustment with minimal weight added to the buggy. Again, components from our Global Truss range provided a simple solution. Tiny F14 Square (100mm x 100mm) Truss and F24 Square (220mm x 220mm) Truss lengths, in addition to standard mounting accessories, provided the exact amount of height and distance adjustment necessary for the PhenoMobile® Lite.

Ultimately, the data and imagery obtained by the PhenoMobile® Lite can assist in determining which plant variety is best suited to the climatic and physical conditions, so it will have a significant role in research, development and use of various crop species.

To read more about the contributions the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility are making to the world’s plant phenomics, visit their website at https://www.plantphenomics.org.au/



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