Getting ready with Ovation's Motorised Screen Lift Case

Our range of motorised screen cases with electric lifts can help save you a significant amount of time. All you need to do is roll the case into position, remove the case lid(s), plug-in the power and at the press of a button you can simply raise the screen to your desired height of up to 1500mmH. These useful features will help you save on labour and time costs to ensure the delivery of a successful event.

Avantis Flip-Up Mixer Case

This Allen & Heath Avantis Flip-Up Mixer Audio Console Mixer Case is one of our many customised tour-ready solution, ideal for transporting and storing your mixer. Featuring a gas strut flip-up mechanism with dogbox for cable storage and open front split doors, our Ovation Flip-Up Audio Mixer Case has been designed with protection in mind!

Simple GT Stage Decks Installation Demo

GT Stage Decks are a quality stage product including the increasingly popular 2x1m and 1x1m deck size options and provide a cost effective portable stage solution for all applications in both indoor and temporary outdoor use.

Style Global Truss your way with Cladding Couplers

The first of its kind in couplers can help reduce set up in and allows the installation of multiple panels or MDF boards side by side with no need for special tools enabling you to create unique designs and structures with ease.

How To Install Variable Stage Stairs To Your Stage

Want to save on set up time and storage? See how easy it is to set up your Global Truss variable stage steps to your Performer Staging.

Optimise Your Truck Pack Space And Labour Efficiency

If you want a time-efficient load-in and load-out of the show equipment combined with the best use of truck volume, choose the Encore Mother Trucker packers as the basis of your road case solution.

How A Martin Rush MH6 Case Is Built

From creating the initial design to sending the specifications to our manufacturing team, watch how we go from concept to reality within 60 seconds featuring our Encore Road Cases.

How To Install Curtain Call Ops Surround Kit

Curtain Call Drape Support system is a portable lightweight solution to hide imperfection at venues, create decorative backdrops, creating exhibition booths and many more application uses.

How To Set Up A Portable Car Ramp

View the set up of a Global Truss performer stage Car Ramp by the Australian distributor Design Quintessence.