Licensed building contractors have recently approached DQ with an interesting brief. Over the last 2 years, they have had to face the challenge of having to construct temporary enclosures for their project sites. Design Quintessence were excited by the opportunity to venture into a different domain with Global Truss product family.

Their project brief required to have a cost effective solution for temporary enclosures and needed it to be erected and dismantled relatively quickly. This is usually done using pipe scaffolding, which is generally designed for supporting a work crew and materials, not building temporary enclosures.

These enclosures have various applications such as:

  • Soundproof enclosures for noisy equipment
  • Dust enclosures for equipment that produce dust or fumes
  • General enclosures for protection of workers from Sun, wind, rain
  • Enclosures to provide some form of visual barrier to screen works from residents

At Design Quintessence, we were able to quickly provide the contractors with a technical drawing and engineering documents of our standard modular truss system. They chose to go ahead with the F34 Square Truss as it had a wide variety of components to allow for various sizes and shapes. The F34 system is strong and with pre-engineered load ratings for the truss components made it an easy decision for them to make.

“We found the system to work well with no issues to date. The truss frame is used to support sound barrier mats to absorb and screen residents from high noise levels of our equipment,” mentions their Site Engineer. “The Global Truss system is relatively clean, visually pleasing to look at and a lot simpler to install than a scaffold tube and fit frame — they’re also a lot stronger and have better base plate and support options available.”

This is the first time we have incorporated the Global Truss system into their set ups but have found that it offers some benefits to them in regards to its easy set up and installation to act as an alternative scaffolding system.

They have previously used the system as a sound enclosure for their Botany Project and have another project soon commencing in Northern Sydney where they will be using the system again with an expansion.