F42P Flat Truss is a heavier-duty flat or “ladder” style truss that is 400mm wide OD with 50mmØ chords. Flat Truss is quite strong in the vertical plane but, with only two chords, it does not offer a lot of resistance in the lateral plane without any bracing. When bracing is used, however, F42P Flat Truss can provide a surprisingly strong yet lightweight grid solution. It is suited for use in theatres, clubs, houses of worship, conference centres, schools and other buildings such as suspending curtains/drapes, lighting and cable reticulation. The range assures versatility through the quanitity of straight lengths, junctions and radials on hand. A great number of 50mmØ accessories are compatible with F42P Flat Truss. Custom components can be designed by the DQ team and made to order.

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