Product Code: DESIGNit-BOM-CASE

Brief: Design and build a case for a 50+ year old priceless atmospheric ozone measuring instrument and a range of accessories to safely ship it around the world.

Solution: The fact that only a handful of these instruments designed in 1924 are left operating across the world was not lost on us as we were creating a case design to protect what is an irreplaceable item. This four piece case comprised a permanent pallet style base allowing forklift loading onto aeroplanes, a low base with detailed CNC foam fit out for the spectrophotometer, a lift-off body, separate lift-out accessory tray and a removable lid that doubles as a trolley when placed underneath for onsite manoeuvrability. When we finished building the case it was loaded onto a plane the same week for the spectrophotometer’s next assignment in Antarctica

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