Brief: Design a large Christmas tree out of truss, to be erected in Darwin’s George Brown Botanical Gardens during the festive season.

Solution: The 8.0m truss structure needed to be made out of standard truss bits and easy to rig since it was going up only for a short period. If that is not enough, the Trussmas needed to withstand 187km/h storm in Drawin’s extreme weather conditions.

The conical shape of the tree body was achieved using our new product, the GT F34 variable junction, which facilitates incremental connection of truss pieces from 0 to 25 degrees. To bring all the beams together, we also designed a special linear truss with box configuration on the bottom and flat configuration on the top. This created three different angles at the top of the truss tree, bringing everything together in one point. To compensate for all the angles, we designed and fabricated a special type of spigot adaptor that would zero out all the spatial angles and brings them to a flat steel plate on the top. “The entire structure came together beautifully, without faults!” Colin West, managing director of Total Event Services exclaimed.

The resulted truss tree was a robust structure which was also easy to rig. The complex design couldn’t be possible without the valuable expertise of our design team and our in-house sophisticated 3D CAD software. Thanks to our advanced design facilities and streamlined manufacturing process, all the custom parts were made and delivered just in time for the season.

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