DQ’s Celebrating 25 Years With You

2021. A (belated) “Olympic Year”. A year where just making it to the finish line is an achievement in itself. For DQ, 2021 is our 25th year in business. It’s undoubtedly a significant milestone, but we don’t want to over-indulge with the celebrations at the moment. Instead, we want to celebrate our customers, colleagues and friends who work for the arts and entertainment industry. We don’t think many of you realise how high you set the bar. You are not just rigging, lighting and AV people. You are a whole lot more…

🔸 You are logistics masterminds. You manage to muster, pack and stack truckloads of gear, right down to the very last nut and bolt, all over the country and deliver ON TIME, EVERY TIME. You show many Australian freight companies how they should do it.

🔸 You are among the world’s best people managers. You convene staff and crew, often extraordinary in number, and co-ordinate to ensure that events and installation projects are completed. Without a hitch, within a small window of time. An army General would appreciate what you can do.

🔸 You are rigging virtuosos. You build astonishing structures and install intricate projects with the greatest safety and efficiency within compressed timeframes. Construction riggers have nothing on you.

🔸 You are technical geniuses. You design, supply, program and maintain an array of complicated electronics and mechanical equipment. You would all make outstanding rocket scientists.

🔸 You have remarkable stamina. I don’t know any other industry that works as hard. Long days. Late nights. Early mornings. Weekends. Weekdays. The show must go on, and you all make sure it does. Your stamina is superior to that of an Olympic marathon runner.

🔸 You are champions of charity. When the chips are down in the community, you are the first industry that puts your hand up and offer your gear and time free of charge to help raise funds for those in need. And you do it all with the professionalism, efficiency and dedication you show in your day-to-day business.

So, yes, we would like to celebrate our 25th year. But, more than that, we celebrate being part of an incredible industry for 25 years with all the masterminds, Generals, virtuosos, rocket scientists, Olympians and benevolent alumni that have helped keep us in business during that time.

Thank you. 🧡