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Customer Satisfaction – A Testament to Ovation Case Excellence

We received a distinctive design brief from a discerning customer and their request was clear: they wanted a case for a collection of gear previously transported individually, emphasising functionality and aesthetic appeal over mass-produced alternatives. In this article we proudly unveiled their bespoke Ovation masterpiece! Guided by our seasoned designer, our team not only met but exceeded expectations, delivering a functional and striking Custom Ovation Case that merges form with function.

Customer’s Vision Realised

The custom case became the home for a mobile studio/live performance kit tailored for small venues. The Ovation case houses and protects the customer’s high-quality audio and synchronised visuals equipment that creates a portable rich, immersive experience for intimate gatherings of up to 500 attendees. This bespoke solution supported our client’s expertise in crafting custom software solutions for events, ensuring each venue’s intimacy enhances the overall sensory experience.

Jupiter Jones from Benjability shared their satisfaction with our creation: “I have to say, the build quality is beyond expectations. I’ve had many cases made over the years, and this is without a doubt a huge step above in quality. Very happy!”

Our commitment to quality is evident in every component:

  • Adam Hall Hardware: Internationally renowned for superior quality, durability and reliability.
  • Scandinavian Birch Plywood: Selected for exceptional strength and moisture resistance, enhanced with coating for durability.
  • Aluminium Edge Extrusion: Thicker and more robust, offering superior protection.
  • Engineering Excellence in Every Detail

From heavy-duty lid stays to premium butterfly latches and Italian-made rivets, each element is meticulously chosen to ensure durability, security, and aesthetic appeal. Our galvanised steel ball corners and steel backing plates for castors further reinforce the robustness of our cases.

Now Certified Australian Made & Owned

As we reflect during Australian Made Week, Design Quintessence invites you to experience the quality and precision that define Ovation custom cases. Our dedication to craftsmanship ensures each product not only meets but exceeds expectations, delivering solutions that stand the test of time and elevate your equipment protection needs.

Discover the difference with Ovation and explore the quality difference our bespoke case solutions provide and how we can enhance your equipment protection needs.

Check out Australian Made Ovation Cases or visit our Ovation Case page on The Australian Made Website.