Our range of motorised screen cases with electric lifts can help save you a significant amount of time. All you need to do is roll the case into position, remove the case lid(s), plug-in the power and at the press of a button you can simply raise the screen to your desired height of up to 1500mmH.

These useful features will help you save on labour and time costs to ensure the delivery of a successful event.

The screen can remain attached to the lift while being stored or transported, and once on site, it is only a matter of plugging it in and pressing a button to lift the screen out of the case. The screen can be lifted up-to about 1.5m out of the ground in a matter of seconds.

We custom fit each case with specialised high-density EVA foam to suit the exact dimensions of the screen, include necessary cut-outs and storage for all the accessories, cables and controls and wire up the lift so the case is “ready for battle right out of the box.”

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