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Design Quintessence take on Protos

Established in July 2018, PROTOS Load Monitoring Systems specialise in load and force monitoring systems for the entertainment industry.

“The entertainment industry is constantly and quickly adapting to keep up with the latest developments. While the audience’s hunger for state of the art shows keeps growing, concerts, plays and shows are constantly evolving and it seems like each iteration has to be more spectacular than the last,” says Jasper van der Sluis, director and co-owner of PROTOS along with his brother Cor van der Sluis.

“Through our work with Prolyte and Doughty Asia Pacific, we have noticed a strongly growing demand for force measuring equipment on a global scale. A demand for a system that is easy to set up, understand and above all, a system that ensures a safe working environment.”

PROTOS was founded to cater to these needs. Because of the unique features of the force monitoring systems, in conjunction with the global service they offer, the newly established company has already acquired partners in various countries around the world such as Holland, China, Canada, Australia, India and counting.

PROTOS is now exclusively distributed in Australia by Design Quintessence Pty Ltd.

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Source: CX Magazine