F35 Truss is the smallest of the 5-Chord Truss family at 290mm x 290mm with 50mmØ chords. The fifth chord addition was specially designed to assist in the centring of the suspended load, always a challenge on Square Truss with two bottom chords. It is particularly focused on the suspension of smaller LED screens where a long, continuous load must be centred with very little or no deflection. F35 Truss uses a thicker wall at 4mm to provide a stronger solution with lower deflection. The fifth chord is also ideal for suspension of drapes or set pieces. Of course, F35 5-Chord Truss can also be used for more general truss applications where you can make use of all three bottom chords. Two engineering load tables are provided with all Global Truss 5-Chord Trusses. One table has a standard deflection limitation of 1 : 100, and the second a 1 : 300 deflection limitation, which is more applicable for the suspension of LED screens.

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