F44P Square Truss is the second most popular truss type in the  Global Truss range. One of our larger Trusses, it measures 400mm x 400mm Truss with 50mmØ chords. F44P is a commonly used Truss for the professional lighting and audiovisual production industries as it does have great versatility and broad modularity, as well as high load capacity. You will find it installed in similar venues to other Trusses like F34/34P including schools, theatres, exhibition halls, conference centres, houses of worship, universities, museums, and sporting centres. The difference is F44P will be the Truss of choice due to greater spans and/or higher load requirements. Applications vary from outdoor stage structures, LED wall structures, fitness course structures, finish line structures, film & television sets and studios, motorsport structures, interactive stand structures, and suspending lighting, sound and video gear. F44P Truss has a large range of standard lengths, radials and junctions with an even larger range of 50mmØ accessories. As usual, custom components can be designed by the DQ team and made to order.

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