Global Truss

50mmØ Light Duty Cladding Coupler


Redefine truss structures your way with the versatile Cladding Coupler that can help you with:

  • Truss climb prevention
  • Architectural cladding to hide truss
  • Set installations
  • Signage and point of sale
  • Exhibition stand walls
  • Temporary barriers
  • …and many more applications!

With the Global Truss 50mmØ Cladding Coupler you can now easily achieve professional looking results for your structures with display panels, advertising boards or can be used to build set designs.

The first of its kind in couplers can help reduce set up in and allows the installation of multiple panels or MDF boards side by side with no need for special tools enabling you to create unique designs and structures with ease.

Global Truss couplers information booklet