Product Code: GT FIELDHOSP

In an effort to combat the alarming limited amount of available bed space in Australian hospitals and slow the curve of COVID-19 we are teaming up with our partners in the entertainment and production industries. While our nation is going through one of the toughest tests of its age, we are here to help.

Our experienced team of designers and experts acted fast in response to the imminent need to increase the capacity of our hospitals to help you design and construct temporary emergency shelter systems that are deployable quickly and expandable based on future needs.

• Completely modular design, easily expandable to new wings and measures
• External structure for uniform and internal isolation rooms
• Heavy-duty build with internal rigging points for cabling and emergency lighting
• Vinyl walls for enclosures to provide visual or noise barrier
• Adaptable and customisable to suit any terrain and location

At Design Quintessence, we are able to quickly provide you, or your medical facilities with technical drawings and engineering documents for our modular truss system for added ease of mind.

As the market leader for truss solutions across Australia, we pride ourselves in dealing with clients who are articulate about the quality and safety of our products and we are committed to helping our community and the general public form a safer environment and help convert any available space, be it internal or external, into an emergency relief shelter.

If you, or know of anyone, feel your facilities need to expand hospital units, our team is ready to help you construct an affordable turnkey portable solution so you can focus on saving lives.

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