Sub Cases

INSERT: Multi-layer insert into Hard Case to hold GrandMA3 Console and Dell PE2418HT Folding Monitor Mount with built-in 1RU Rack


Compact and purpose fit insert designed to suit an existing Hard Case to house GrandMA3 and removable CNC plywood foldable monitor mounting unit with built-in 1RU Rack Mount and 3 x XLR mounts

With a team of industrial and mechanical engineering designers on board, DQ is able to design and build customised road case solutions tailored to your needs, whether it be a simple CNC cut foam insert to a fully custom case build.

All our designs are created in full 3D allowing both the designer and the customer to visualise the final product before the first piece of plywood or foam has been cut.

DQ is committed to using proven old-school manufacturing methods but is constantly seeking improvements through cutting edge technology. All case carcasses and fitouts are cut with our CNC routers to the finest detail and we use 3D scanning technology wherever the foam inserts are required to be machined into intricate detail.

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