Setting the Bar for LED Structures: AAMI Park Stadium’s F45 Global Truss LED Structure by Diversity Rigging

LED wall signage and video has become an essential part of every major sporting and entertainment event and the challenge for rigging companies is to build safe supporting structures in difficult positions. 

Diversity Rigging were recently given the opportunity to design and install a temporary 10mW LED structure using Global Truss at AAMI Park Stadium in Melbourne, Australia on March 2023. The scope of the temporary installation required a 9.5mW LED screen, weighing 1,600kg. Diversity Rigging are one of Australia’s suppliers with the largest amount of F45 5 Chord Truss in the country which made it an easy and ideal choice of truss for this purpose. 

The installation required that the LED structure be securely affixed to the concrete slab of the stadium, with the engineer specifying chemical anchors for this application.  

The temporary LED screen system at AAMI Park Stadium is an excellent example of how LED structures using F45 5 Chord Truss can be used in a variety of settings, including sports venues and other large-scale events. The installation provided a visually stunning display for the audience, while also providing a reliable and durable support structure for the LED screen. 

As TLA and AAMI Park Stadium are currently in the process of upgrading the venue’s permanent LED screens, this temporary structure is currently installed for 3 weeks at one end of the stadium then transferred to the opposite end for a further 3 months. 

Diversity Rigging continues to meet any rigging challenge thrown at them and their stock of Global Truss certainly helps them to rise to the challenge.