XGolf Elevate Indoor Golfing Experience with Global Truss

Indoor golf entertainment experiences incorporate augmented reality (AR) technology that offer a unique and immersive way to enjoy golfing within an indoor setting. XGolf is one of Sydney’s state of the art virtual golfing offering a unique and immersive indoor golfing experience. 

XGolf is equipped with golfing simulators that uses advanced technology to recreate the experience of playing on world-renowned golf courses. These simulators provide accurate ball tracking, realistic graphics, and a variety of game modes to cater to players of all skill levels. 

Design Quintessence were approached by XGolf to assist them with supplying the framework for their golf simulators. Our in-house design team utilised our suite of CAD tools to create 3D models of the Global Truss structure, ensuring they matched the client’s specifications perfectly. This helped us visualise and verify dimensions accurately for a flawless outcome.

Global Truss is a modular truss system that offers stability, flexibility, cable management, aesthetics and portability advantages that make it suitable for use indoor golf simulators. 

The F34 Global Truss system was ideal for their indoor space as it is suitable for compact spaces and provides a robust framework to support overhead projection screens used to display the golf courses ensuring their equipment is securely mounted and stabilised.  

XGolf Sydney is a popular destination for golf enthusiasts, whether they are experienced players or newcomers to the sport. Its combination of cutting-edge technology, realistic gameplay, and social environment makes it an exciting and enjoyable indoor golf entertainment venue in Sydney.

Black modular lighting truss offers a sleek and stylish appearance compared to traditional silver or aluminium truss. It can blend in seamlessly with dark environments or stages, creating a more professional and visually appealing setup. The black colour helps the truss system to be less obtrusive and directs the viewer’s focus towards the illuminated objects or stage elements. 

DQ will now be stocking black truss in the Sydney warehouse to meet the growing demands for black truss for a quicker turnaround time and distribution!