The Journey to Paris with Monet

In recent years, the use of immersive technologies has surged in popularity due to its capacity to deliver an interactive experience, captivating users through touch, sound, and visual elements. It continues to captivate individuals due to the nature of its fully engaging experience and the flexibility in its application.

The magic of immersive technologies lies in the power to transport guests to extraordinary realms beyond their current reality. By combining immersive structures and virtual reality, users embark on an incredible journey, where the lines between the physical and simulated world blur, and imaginative realms come to life with astounding realism.

The enchanting Monet in Paris exhibition in Brisbane, produced by both Andrew Kay and Associates and Grande Experiences, showcases this captivating fusion. Stepping into this mesmerising artistic wonderland, visitors find themselves seamlessly transported back to the 19th-century Parisian epoch – a flourishing era of cultural and artistic brilliance orchestrated by the iconic masters of the French Impressionist movement. Within these hallowed walls, guests bear witness to the vibrant art scene that both inspired and shaped the world of these revered painters.

The exhibition proudly displays masterpieces from renowned visionaries such as Monet, Pissarro, Renoir, Cézanne, Degas, and many other luminaries. Fuelling this artistic wonder is Grande Experiences‘ cutting-edge technology, infusing these timeless works with an extraordinary vitality never experienced before. The heart of this technological marvel lies in Sensory 4™ – a revolutionary amalgamation of projection mapping, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR), masterfully accompanied by an ingenious fusion of sound systems, lighting arrangements, and even captivating scents. This combination results in a spellbinding multisensory experience that immerses visitors in art, leaving an indelible mark on their artistic journey.

Behind the scenes, the DQ team played a small role in bringing this exhibition to life. We were entrusted to supply Global Truss F34, ensuring secure support for various fixtures and technologies throughout the exhibition. An example would be the Waterlily Room, where the F34 Square Truss was used to hang the projection surfaces to display the artwork. Overall, it was a pleasure to have contributed to the production of Monet in Paris in Brisbane.