Truss Your Heart

Global Truss Sets The Stage for Unforgettable Moments

Love is in the air, and at DQ, on this Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating the heart of creativity with our versatile Global Truss, showcased in the most extraordinary ways as our truss systems elevate events to new heights, quite literally!

Last year, at the spectacular Mardi Gras festivities hosted by Apollo The Party, Global Truss took centre stage, forming incredible heart-shaped structures that mesmerised party-goers. The dance floor pulsated with energy and beauty put together by Modular Event Solutions.

Modular Event Solutions, an Australia-wide production, events, and experiential activations company, has mastered the art of using our Global Truss to craft experiences that are out of this world. From dream to design, logistics to budgets, they seamlessly integrated creativity into this incredible project,  making it a showstopper.

At the heart of our truss lineup is the Global Truss family offering a variety of many standard components available off-the-shelf, this truss is renowned for its versatility and modularity. It’s the go-to choice for professionals in the lighting and audio-visual production industries, finding its place in schools, theatres, exhibition halls, corporate events and more.

The applications of F34 Truss are endless, from stage structures and smaller LED screen frames to fitness course structures and film & television sets. The wide range of standard lengths, radials, and junctions make it adaptable to any creative vision. And for those seeking custom solutions, our DQ team is ready to design and manufacture bespoke components tailored to your needs. 

Celebrate another unforgettable Mardi Gras celebration with ‘Apollo The Party’ in 2024, anticipation is high for what promises to be an electrifying event. With DJs Greg Boladian, Adam Love, Ruby, and Matt Bachl on the lineup, attendees can expect a night filled with camp, high-energy, and the kind of fun that lingers in memories for years to come.

Get your tickets for 2024 Apollo The Party HERE

So, whether you’re planning the next big event or simply looking to infuse a little creativity into your Valentine’s Day celebrations, remember to “Truss Your Heart” with Global Truss. Let’s make this year’s moments unforgettable!

Credit: Apollo The Party

Apollo The Party – Mardi Gras