Elevating Your Stage Presence: The Rise of Global Pre-Rig Truss in Event Design

In the dynamic world of event production, Design Quintessence has been quick to pick up on the rising popularity of Global Pre-Rig Truss. We’ve observed a noticeable uptick in customers opting for this tried-and-true product, with notable examples like EI Productions being one of the first in Australia to try it and they haven’t looked back since. They recently enjoying the benefits utilising it in the Super Aware Theatre in the ICC Sydney with Harry Connick Jnr. A rig on Global Pre-Rig Truss of Ayrton Eurus, Ghibli, Martin Quantum Wash, GLP X-Bar 20, Claypaky Sharpy and Quad 18 LED Pars.

All designed and operated on a Grand MA3 Full Size + MA3 backup by the incomparable Francesco Calvi. EI Productions provide a comprehensive lighting and LED screen package for the festival’s main stage, along with scenic lighting enveloping the stage and audience area, and multiple floor packages tailored for various acts.

Global Pre-Rig Truss successful integration into high-profile events, have proven to be particularly advantageous for tours and medium-sized bands, Australian and International. Design Quintessence not only recognises this burgeoning demand but is also well-equipped to cater to it. We not only maintain stock of Global Pre-Rig Truss but also offer additional flexibility through connections via cross-hiring. If you’re in the business of event production and are seeking reliable and efficient solutions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Design Quintessence today to explore how our expertise and extensive inventory can elevate your next production to new heights.

Our commitment to quality and innovation, combined with a customer-centric approach, sets us apart in the ever-evolving landscape of event design and production. If you’re looking to enhance your stage presence and streamline your setup process, talk to us today. Pictures featured from Harry Connick Jnr ICC.