Lighting fixtures used in live production are devices used to create dynamic and visually engaging lighting displays during live performances, concerts, theatre productions, events and other forms of entertainment. This equipment is designed to enhance the visual experience, set the mood, highlight performers, and create immersive atmospheres that captivate audiences. Lighting technology has advanced significantly over the years, offering a wide range of options for creating stunning visual effects and effects synchronisation.

A combination of different lighting fixtures allows lighting designers and operators to create captivating, visually stunning and emotionally impactful experiences for live entertainment audiences.

Ovation Lighting Road Cases are designed to store, transport, and protect lighting equipment used in the entertainment, event and production industries. They are specifically tailored to accommodate various types of lighting fixtures, accessories, cables, control consoles, and other lighting-related equipment.

They play a crucial role in ensuring that valuable and delicate lighting equipment remains in optimal condition, ready for use in different venues, events, and tours.

Ensuring the protection of lighting fixtures are essential tools for lighting professionals so that their equipment is well-protected, organised, and efficient to set up in various production environments. Ovation Cases not only safeguard lighting fixtures and equipment but also contribute to successful events, memorable performances, and the overall quality of lighting displays.

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