Ovation CasesOvation Cases

The Ovation brand meets the market where there is no room for compromise, quality and lead time. Quality laminated plywood, robust session hardware from one of the world’s leading road case hardware manufacturers, Adam Hall, cleverly designed fit-outs that properly support and protect your valuable assets, these are Australian designed and manufactured cases.

Ovation Cases… Where Quality and Inn-OVATION meet!

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  • 20 Unit 850mm U-Drop Ovation Road Case with Removable Tray for 10 Unit 850mm U-Top

  • 24RU Anti-Shock Rack Mount Case with Pop-off front and back lids (500mmD)

  • 3 Piece ETC EOS 4K with 1RU Rack Mount for Slide-Out Shelf Ovation Road Case

  • 3 Piece Yamaha CL5 with Dogbox Mixer Ovation Road Case

  • 30RU Anti-Vibration Rack Mount Case with Slide-away doors; 800mmD OD; Rack Frame 559mmD Black

  • 4 unit Collider FC Strobe Ovation Road Case

  • 85 inch Microsoft Hub Screen Ovation Road Case

  • 8RU Up & Over Ovation Slam-Latch Rack Mount Case

  • Atari Pong Coffee Table Ovation Road Case

  • BT Server Rack Ovation Road Case with Removable Tray

  • Dual D&B AudioTechnik M4 Monitors Ovation Road Case

  • Dual GIS LP500 Chain Hoist Ovation Road Case with additional void area underneath for soft chain bag

Showing 1–12 of 40 results