Sentinel Defender Midi Wheelchair Access Point Defender And Cable Protector


Defender Midi 5 2D Set Blur Wheelchair Access Point Set, modular cable protector system, wheelchair friendly.

For optimal wheelchair accessibility, the modular cable protector DEFENDER® 2D M Blue was developed on the basis of our popular DEFENDER® MIDI cable protector. It consists of a blue middle section that is compatible with the MIDI and two flat blue ramps that can be combined and extended as required, both in length and width. Plus, it’s also extremely easy to handle.

DEFENDER® MIDI 5 2D Set with a blue cover ‘Barrier-free accessibility’ has become a topic of mounting concern for both public authorities and event organisers over the past few years. Conventional cable protector systems often mean having to make a compromise between accessibility and pass-ability. But this is not the case with the new Blue DEFENDER® 2D M: each middle section can be equipped with two 6° inclined ramps that can be driven over completely without any problems. The flat incline makes it easy for wheelchair users to roll over the protectors with no trouble at all. They’re also so stable that even forklifts and lorries can drive over them. Easy access and safety to areas where five channels are typically not enough, for example, near power generators or FOH areas, are thus also guaranteed. Sound, lighting and power cables can be laid out individually, effortlessly and safely. The middle sections are designed to be symmetrical all the way around to facilitate assembly so that you never have to look for the right attachment piece ever again. As such, no detailed assembly diagrams are required. The connections have been designed to have enough space for easy installation.

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