Innovative Defence: Next-Level Protective Solutions for DroneShield

On June 2023, DroneShield sought out Design Quintessence for their expertise in manufacturing customised CNC foam inserts to store special equipment.

The project called for a recreation of the client’s pre-existing foam insert design to ensure its seamless look within their stock. Having previously ordered internationally, the client encountered supply chain issues which pushed them to go local.

There are many advantages to turning to a local company, for example:

1) There is a significant decrease in lead times due to the company’s location. The company’s proximity allows less need for more time-consuming transportation between addresses.

2) Carbon footprint and transportation costs are reduced, both of which are key factors in today’s economy.

3) Communication barriers are eliminated as there are little to no issues when dealing with any language barriers or time zones.

4) There is a better availability for both collaboration and customisation as clients will be able to visit the company’s office if need be.

5) The product would be of a higher quality as local companies don’t mass produce their selection. This allows more flexibility and customisation when a customer needs a design with specific requirements.

Design Quintessence had the honour of being chosen as the local company to supply DroneShield with customised CNC foam inserts. At DQ, we have more than 25 years of experience in designing industry-best solutions. Our in-house team of designers ensured that the measurements and design match the client’s requirements.

Throughout the project, the DQ team (comprised of the sales, design and manufacturing teams) and the client worked closely together to ensure all requirements were met.

Upon delivery, the client was highly satisfied with the custom CNC foam inserts our team had produced, affirming their seamless resemblance to their existing stock. The DQ team’s familiarity with the product allowed for efficient production and maintaining communication with DroneShield ensured the successful completion of the project.