Global Pre-Rig Truss Solutions Propels ResX Success

An increasing number of companies are discovering the remarkable advantages of our Global Pre-rig truss, and its popularity is soaring.

Design Quintessence has stood as a reliable supplier for Resolution X for an extensive period. Recently, our collaboration involved tailoring pre-rig trusses precisely to suit their Aussie trucks, amplifying their touring capabilities to effortlessly maneuver through venues across the country!

The personalised truss system’s impact has been profound, optimising ResX’s efficiency in time and labor across multiple arenas. From fuelling commercial touring theatres to enhancing corporate events and live music performances, it has completely revolutionised the loading and unloading processes and they have 3 lengths for hire along with 45⁰, 90⁰, ‘T’ Gates and vertical bases.

Mark Hopkins, ResX’s Victorian Production Manager, affirms;

“This solution has empowered us to handle both large-scale touring productions and local shows, significantly elevating our service offerings. Our production team is ecstatic about its functionalities and eagerly awaits its deployment. In fact, it’s already reserved for multiple gigs over the next few months…”

If you’re in search of a customized solution tailored precisely to your business requirements, connect with us today. Let’s collaborate to create something extraordinary.