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In an effort to combat the alarming limited amount of available bed space in Australian hospitals and slow the curve of COVID-19 we are teaming up with our partners in the entertainment and production industries. While our nation is going through one of the toughest tests of its age, we are here to help.

Our experienced team of designers and experts acted fast in response to the imminent need to increase the capacity of our hospitals to help you design and construct temporary emergency shelter systems that are deployable quickly and expandable based on future needs.

• Completely modular design, easily expandable to new wings and measures
• External structure for uniform and internal isolation rooms
• Heavy-duty build with internal rigging points for cabling and emergency lighting
• Vinyl walls for enclosures to provide visual or noise barrier
Adaptable and customisable to suit any terrain and location

At Design Quintessence, we are able to quickly provide you, or your medical facilities with technical drawings and engineering documents for our modular truss system for added ease of mind.

As the market leader for truss solutions across Australia, we pride ourselves in dealing with clients who are articulate about the quality and safety of our products and we are committed to helping our community and the general public form a safer environment and help convert any available space, be it internal or external, into an emergency relief shelter.

If you, or know of anyone, feel your facilities need to expand hospital units, our team is ready to help you construct an affordable turnkey portable solution so you can focus on saving lives.

We’re here to help. Our lines are open to you.

Unit 2 15 Percy Street Auburn NSW 2144
Phone: +61 2 9649 2266
Fax: +61 2 9649 2200

Fill out the form below to get in contact with us to help you find a solution.

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Kambri Film Festival nights with Elite Event Technology

Kambri at ANU played host to the first Kambri Film Festival down in Canberra this year and Elite Event Technology were chosen as ANU and Kambri Precincts preferred supplier.

With over 30 years of experience and audio-visual suppliers to majority of Canberra’s venues and institutions, they were recently approached to provide a complete LED screen structure in which the pre-requisite of the design was to create a clean and neat structurally sound LED structure without the use of concrete ballast blocks in obstruction of their set up. 

Set on the stage of the purpose-built Kambri Outdoor Amphitheatre, EET’s expert team were able to design and deliver the structure built completely out of F45 5 Chord Truss, which was able to withstand all types of weather, such as the freak hailstorms, slight drizzles or the scorching heat,  that came across Canberra throughout the course of over a week in January

The F45 5 Chord Truss is designed for applications such as LED screens where balanced centre rigging of the screen panels on the truss is essential. A central chord with ladder-style horizontal bracing on the bottom face of the truss allows LED panels to be clamped directly onto the centre chord. This negates the need to balance the load by slinging or bracing across the two bottom chords to provide central rigging points as would normally be necessary on a square format truss.

Our 20 years of experience in the industry has proven our commitment to supply our loyal clients with the right solution, when it’s needed, where it’s needed. At Design Quintessence, we understand the importance of time and stock availability in producing big events on time and we do our best to supply you with everything you need.

As the market leader for truss solutions across Australia, we pride ourselves in dealing with clients who are aware and articulate about the quality and safety of our products and we will continue to provide the market with the highest standards across the range so you can always shine on stage. 

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Diversity Rigging doing what Marvel heroes do best

“Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.”

Michael “Nitrox” Petrani and his Diversity Rigging team are no strangers to extreme rigging and now serve a part in making Australian basketball history.

Over a span of 4 days, Marvel Stadium in Melbourne was completely transformed from hosting an AFL match on a Sunday night to a Basketball court for the Australian Boomers V USA Basketball game Thursday night. Marvel Stadium saw over 103,000 basketball fans cheer, scream and enjoy themselves throughout the two nights the games were hosted — which happened to be the biggest crowds ever for basketball games in Australia!

With 3 months of design & work with the engineer to prepare a show based on production values requested, and then, finally get signed off by the engineer, crammed into 4 days, Nitrox and his team of 26, along with over 320 contractors, worked effortlessly 24/7 to help with executing a staggering 102,143kg of weight rigged from the roof which comprised of a mix of F45 5 Chord and F34P Box Global Truss to set up the main LED scoreboard and audio cable management.

Marvel Stadium was crowned Global Venue of the Year at the 2019 International Stadium Business Awards in Manchester, UK.

Diversity Rigging also have one of the biggest inventory of F45 5 Chord and F34P Box Global Truss available in Victoria.

Not all heroes wear capes, most are riggers.

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Diversity Rigging defies gravity with F45 at the Royal Exhibition Building

Despite our extensive range of standard solutions, DQ is always up for challenging tasks. Some of our best clients also share the desire for innovative problem-solving with us and have become close partners with DQ in solving unusual and difficult problems.

Recently, one of our loyal customers faced such a task which demanded a rather unusual truss structure. Diversity Rigging in Victoria was asked for an installation for Black Friday Bushfire 10th Anniversary Memorial event. The defined site lines however, didn’t allow for any truss legs to support the truss structure!

Using our ‘new’ F45 Truss, Diversity Rigging designed a structure with a huge cantilever at the front to make room for media and guests on site. Using CAD models and Global Truss engineering documents, Diversity Rigging was able to assist their consultant structural engineer to certify the structure which had a load of 4.9 tonnes applied to each of the truss towers. This innovative solution was a bit of an engineering feat that complemented the grand space and facilitated honouring our community 10 years after the Victorian bushfire disaster.

Michael Petrani from Diversity Rigging called working with DQ “A good experience, as always”. He was also happy to point our a few benefits of using Global Truss, indicating “more profitable”, “swift stock supply by DQ” and “no lies” when it comes to providing information about the product.

This event marked the 10 Year Anniversary of the 2009 Victorian Bushfires which was one of the most significant disasters Victoria has experienced. The anniversary was a time to reflect and remember the 173 people who died in the bushfires, and to learn about how the fires changed the lives of so many, and how communities have rebuilt.

Victorian Government website

As the market leader for truss solutions across Australia, we pride ourselves in dealing with clients who are aware and articulate about the quality and safety of our products and we will continue to provide the market with the highest standards across the board so you can always shine on stage.

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Fox Sports Custom Cases ?

Pictured: Paul Slater – Director, Fox Sports Australia

In recent years, Design Quintessence has heavily invested in the latest and most sophisticated technological design and manufacturing tools to establish in-house production of quality road cases.

Since the purchase of our first CNC router a few years ago, custom designed cases and foam inserts has become an integral part of our road case business. It’s something we pride ourselves on. As a result, we have already designed and manufactured a large number of custom cases and foam inserts.

Fox Sports managed to bring us a challenging task to provide road-cases for their newly awarded cricket season broadcasting rights. The brief demanded high-quality road cases for a variety of TV set items ranging from podiums and desks to chairs and logo signs to go on broadcast. Right from the beginning, the timing proved to be crucial since everything had to be ready for the first season broadcast.

As one of our valued customers, we gathered all our operation power to plan, design, build and deliver all the cases on time. All the cases, and there were 30 of them, were designed and built at our Sydney-based factory and were shipped to Australia-wide set locations. To give you an idea of scale of the job, we went through over 30,000 rivets over a month to put hardware on these cases.

A streamlined production line and well-planned operations ensured on-time delivery of the cases with no mistakes. The job received much positive feedback from Fox Sports, as well as their set designers at Wild Sets and Crayon.

Upon receiving cases for the desks, Wild Sets commented that they fitted perfectly and “Well done, Works a Treat!”. Mat Harrington from Fox Sports exclaimed “DQ’s contribution was pivotal to delivering this project on time” and nicknamed our crewTeam Awesomeness And it wasn’t all words since the message was accompanied by a case of beer as a little Thank You for the teams hard work.

While the design and manufacturing of road cases for Fox Sports proved our design and manufacturing pipeline to be robust and streamlined, we are not settling for anything less than perfect. We are currently expanding our local manufacturing of cases and foam inserts at Design Quintessence as a response to the increasing demand for precision, quality and lead time.

Our new production line will be triple its current floor area and introduces some new cutting-edge machines and processes to the production of road cases in Australia. We are excited to go through this expansion phase and we are looking ahead to provide you with protective cases to the level of the quality of the equipment being transported within them.

Cases awaiting to be foam-lined
Fox Sports Podium Cases
Phil Shearer, Crayon
Fox Sports Logo Panel Case