To P or Not to P? Comparing 2mm & 3mm Truss Wall

To ‘P’ or Not to ‘P’: That is the Question? Comparing 2mm & 3mm Truss Wall

Understanding the ‘P’ in Global Truss

Global Truss users around the world are aware that F30 series and F40 series Global Truss are available in a “standard” version and a ‘P version. E.g. ‘F34’ vs ‘F34P’ Truss.

What’s the difference between the two?

The difference is simply that the standard version incorporates a 2mm chord wall thickness whilst the ‘P’ version incorporates a 3mm chord wall thickness in their fabrication.

Why use the letter ‘P’?

A few years ago now the Romans invented their numerals, ‘P’ was the character they started to use for the number ‘3’. Soon they realised it was a stupid idea as it had no reference or consistency with the rest of their numbering system and changed it to ‘III’. The true answer is nobody knows.

Which version should I use?

When deciding which version is best suited to your project or application, there are three primary considerations:

  1. Load Capacity.
    • A 3mm thick chord wall can increase the  truss’ load capacity significantly. E.g F34P Truss has a capacity of up to 30% more than F34 Truss. Generally, a 2mm chord wall will suit most application. If you need a higher capacity than what it offers, choose a “P” version instead.
  2. Weight 
    • A 3mm thick wall chord also makes the truss significantly heavier, eg F34P Truss is up to 20% heavier than F34 Truss. Therefore, handling can be more of a challenge and freight costs could be higher for production work. The increased self weight can impact on the roof capacity for a permanent installation.
  3. Budget 
    • A 3mm chord wall = greater amount of material = higher cost. If you don’t need the higher load capacity, it makes sense to choose the most cost-effective solution.

What does DQ carry in stock?

DQ carries a greater range and more stock  of truss than any other staging equipment supplier in the country. We carry F23, F24, F01, F32, F33, F34, F34P, F35, F42P, F43P, F44P, F45, F54, F55 and PR64 Pre-Rig Truss in stock.

As 290mm square truss is the most popular. It is the only version we carry with both 2mm and 3mm chord wall thickness. F32 and F33 Truss applications tend to be looking for lower capacity so we don’t carry “P” versions. Whilst if you’re looking at 400mm sized truss, you are generally aiming to achieve the highest load capacity you can so we only cary the ‘P’ versions.

Of course, we do order in “P” versions of F32 and F33 Truss and standard versions of F42, F43 and F44 Truss if the higher strength is not required.

This guide should help you choose the most suitable  version of truss for your application.

 Comparing 2mm & 3mm Truss Wall