Conjoined Twin 50mmØ Easy Trigger Clamp (SWL 150kg)

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Have you ever faced any of the below challenges at your rigging installation?

• The lighting designer has specified an exact position for a fixture, but truss bracing gets in the way of clamping the fixture in the right spot
• The projector needs to be suspended in a precise location on the truss grid, but there are truss braces obstructing attachment at that location
• Rigging points on your LED wall panels sometimes fall in line with the cross-brace in our family of 5 Chord Trusses and cannot attach to the centre chord

If the answer is yes, then we present to you the newest addition to our family of couplers: The Conjoined Twin Couplers.

This innovative coupler is designed to solve one of the most frequent issues with hanging fixtures on truss structures: interference with bracing.

The problem with existing couplers is that cross members, braces and other obstacles forming part of the trusses often get in the way of positioning the couplers at a precise spot on the truss. This can have an adverse impact on the ability to precisely position the coupler and, in turn, the fixture, to its desired location on the truss.

Our new coupler seeks to provide a solution to current coupling arrangements, which will overcome some of the difficulties in interference with bracing and facilitates precise positioning of the fixtures along the truss cords. This new solution has been in development for months and it has gone through rigorous design, development, engineering and testing stages to make sure it checks all the boxes and lives up to the quality that our clients expect from Global Truss products.

The new coupler benefits from a uni-body design which is machined from a custom-made aluminium extrusion. The base features a machined slot holding an M12 counter-sink bolt for fine positioning of the fixtures on the truss. The Conjoined Twin Couplers come in two variations; The standard coupler variation is rated up to 450kg static working load and the easy trigger clamp variation is rated up to 150kg static working load accordingly.